Video Interview? Help!

Posted on: September 15th, 2017

Video Interview? Help!

The evolution of technology has introduced convenient, accessible and cost effective ways in which to interview potential employees. We’ve noticed a number of our clients leaning towards the video interview, live and recorded and therefore we want to make sure our candidates are fully prepared for whatever might be thrown in the mix.

You may find the idea unnerving, you may not. Either way, like any interview, preparation is the key to success, so we’ve rounded up the important bits for you.

Focus on your Feng Shui:

Prepare your surroundings prior to your interview; taking a screenshot will allow you check over your background. A calm, quiet and uncluttered space will help you look professional, allowing you and your interviewer to remain focused. Moving on from this, a well lit room is always a good idea; we recommend a nice spot by a window.

Having notes can also help you look well prepared and also keep you on track if you lose your trail of thought (we’ve all been there!); bullet points are easy and digestible ways of keeping to the point and sounding less scripted.

First impressions STILL count:

Like you would a face-to-face interview you want to look the part, check their website for clues about dress codes and if in doubt, dress smartly. Don’t be tempted to wear a pair of jogging bottoms under the table for comfort, what if you need to stand up and adjust the lighting? – GAME OVER!

Remember, body language is important; look at the camera not the screen, speak clearly, check your posture – are you fidgeting too much? Most importantly, relax and don’t forget to smile.

Practise, practise, practise…

Talking in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally for most people; therefore a trial run is fundamental to help improve your confidence. This could be done with a friend or by recording a test video. Although this can feel a little bit cringe, by doing this you will be able to review how you might come across on the day and improve your technique.

Technical disclaimer:

During your practise run, make sure you check the technical elements. If you are using Skype for example, it sounds silly but make sure your username remains professional – just your name should do it! This is also the perfect time to check that your camera and sound is working efficiently, the camera should be at eye level, from the waist upwards and your voice nice and clear.


Be ready! Log in and set up 20 minutes or so before, double check those technical settings one last time- is your internet connection strong enough? Also, think ahead of any possible distractions, turn your e-mail notifications off, put your phone on silent, warn your housemates, close the door from wandering animals and please, BOOK A BABYSITTER.

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