Thermal Energy’s new recruits fuelled by Lucy Bristow Appointments

Posted on: June 26th, 2018

Thermal Energy is an engineering company based in Bristol and Ottawa Canada who design and manufacture proprietary energy saving products for manufacturing organisations around the world.

The company’s mission is to save its customers carbon, energy, time and money.

Customers include large multinationals and small, local manufacturers from oil refineries to hospitals, chocolate factories to laundries, they operate in a multitude of sectors.

Located across two cities – Thermal Energy has an office in central Bristol in an old Printing Works and another in Ottowa, Canada. It also has business entities in North America and China and sales staff and distribution network across the world.

The company employs a staff of over 50 with roles ranging from operations management, finance and marketing to sales staff, field sales and two teams of highly skilled engineers.

We caught up with Isobel Wales (aka Diz) who runs the operations at Thermal Energy to find out about her experience with Lucy Bristow Appointments in fulfilling her recruitment needs:

How did you start working with Lucy Bristow Appointments?

“Kate, our fantastic production administrator who was overseeing all the scheduling for manufacturing, decided she wanted to go to Canada on holiday for six months.

“So, I had to fill a six-month vacancy for Kate’s leave, that’s when I contacted Lucy.

“I googled recruitment companies in Bristol and the Lucy Bristow website came up, I’d seen the brand in the region around over the years, so I decided to give her a call.”

What happened next?

“We had a great meeting discussing the (very) specific qualities I’d need in a candidate to cover for a production administrator role.

“Almost as an afterthought I also asked Lucy as she was leaving from our initial meeting if she recruited for marketing positions. She swung back around and sat down again to take another brief from me.

“We’d never had a marketing team before so the premise of thinking up a whole new strategy was exciting, but daunting, so getting the right person for the role was very important.”

How would you describe your experience working with Lucy Bristow Appointments?

“Lucy was so responsive and supportive to the fast and thorough process we need to work to. The Thermal Energy culture isn’t about fast turnaround of staff, we really need to make sure we get the right people. Lucy met our needs of acquiring great quality, expert and committed people who will stay and grow at the company.

“Lucy provided such a fantastic range of candidates that in the process we actually created another job role.

“Because we had to wait 2 months for the successful candidate I took another of the candidates as a systems builder in the interim. Since then I extended her contract for 6 months and have just made it a permanent position!

“She is excellent and has filled a hole that we didn’t fully realise that we had.

“Lucy really was delightful to work with. Not only is she patient and supportive, she’s fun too! I’d completely recommend using Lucy Bristow Appointments to anyone!”

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