Seeking the right candidate for the right job

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014

It was really positive to see the latest figures showing that the number of people on job seekers allowance across Greater Bristol continues to fall.

The figures, as reported in January, show that 9,198 people are claiming the support, down 1 percentage point.

In my eyes this is a very good sign and gives some credence to all the talking up of the economy.

Not only does it suggest that there are more jobs being created but also that there are lots of good candidates that have been on the market for a while, back in the workplace.

What’s more it seems that this trend is set to continue. Many companies we have been talking to have been thinking about their plans and budgets and are clearly feeling willing to take the risk once more and move into a more positive recruitment drive.

As an example, we are looking for excellent candidates to fill several legal secretary roles and in my experience, that is always a good sign that the economy is looking brighter!

However, I believe that organisations need to think carefully about their recruitment strategy. Creating new job roles means you are also creating a chance to really up skill your team. And finding the right people with the right skills and expertise is really the most critical part of the recruitment process in order to retain the right team and minimize costly staff attrition rate.

Every single one of our candidates has been interviewed by us so we know exactly what we’re dealing with. Taking the legal secretary example again, we know the client, we have a clear understanding of the skills needed for the role and once we’ve interviewed each potential candidate, we know that the client will only be presented with the right candidate for the job,  saving a lot of time and hassle, for both parties.

But for now it seems that it can only be onwards and upwards for Bristol’s bubbling job market.



seeking the best candidate for the job

seeking the best candidate for the job



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