Right Royal Revelry

Posted on: February 2nd, 2011

I am all in favour of the royal family which has been good for Britain, and a royal wedding will be a lovely national celebration after a gloomy time of it.

My concern is that many businesses already weathering the storm of the current economic climate will suffer from two consecutive four-day weekends when employees are likely to take three days annual leave for an eleven day holiday. The start of 2011 is particularly difficult for many firms with the rise in VAT to 20 per cent and the impact of Government spending cuts, so a month of short weeks could see many businesses shut down and cause immense problems for those struggling to emerge from the economic recession.

Lucy Bristow Appointments are recruitment specialists based in Bristol for the past 22 years. I can foresee disruption for our business similar to the Christmas period. Potentially our client companies could miss out on talented employees to join their teams, and great job opportunities for our candidates could be lost through lengthy interview delays and cancellations. Conversely, I envisage our temporary staff will benefit from the extra work available with good rates of pay to cover for all those who decide to take extra time off.

Despite the business disruption and lost productivity, I wish Prince William and Catherine Middleton great happiness on their wedding day and into the future. We have it all to look forward to again next year with an extra bank holiday on June 5th to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

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