Making interim staff work for you

Posted on: April 14th, 2014

I can tell that things are looking up because the number of enquiries we’ve had recently about interim staffing also has increased.

Most people assume that businesses defer to interim staffing when times are tough, but I actually believe the opposite.

It’s often a sign that organisations are opening their doors because they are looking for a different skill set to fill new positions or someone specific to manage a period of transition or change, which is often the case as they look to gear up.

Interim staffing is always an interesting issue and one where choosing the right recruitment partner really does make all the difference (I know, I would say that!).

But it’s an important process to get right first time because the right person will provide a critical extension to your workforce. In my view the right agency goes hand in hand with finding the right candidate and ultimately making the right investment for your business.

Here are my top reasons why I think that using an agency can really add value to your interim needs;

A ready-made candidate pool – If the agency is any good they will already have a strong contact book of potential candidates, saving you both time and money and starting from scratch.

Keeping up with the competition – The agency will be able to provide external advice on your industry, how your competition might be faring and the reality of the kind of candidate in the marketplace and what they will be looking for in terms of salary and additional benefits.

A marketing opportunity – Remember this is as much as a fantastic PR opportunity for your organisation as it is a recruitment process to find the right person. Use the opportunity to really promote your business and the opportunities it offers, the agency can help advise on this and ultimately do this for you.

It’s all in the detail – The agency will deal with the job description, interview process and subsequent job offer and negotiation and management of the role. This can be useful and save time particularly for interim roles where the job may only be for a matter of months.

finding the right solution for staffing

finding the right solution for staffing

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