Lucy outlines some key recruitment learnings from The Apprentice

Posted on: July 12th, 2013

“Ok, I admit it, I watch The Apprentice! I particularly enjoy the ‘interview’ episode (perhaps not surprisingly!).Every year I always think one of the most fascinating aspects is the etiquette that each of the interviewers employs, and the questions they ask.

“Although we do have to remind ourselves that The Apprentice is primarily set up for the purpose of providing addictive viewing it does throw up some things to think about.

“Claude is renowned for his ‘bulldog’ approach. He really was quite ruthless this year, not messing around, getting straight to the point. This is important of course, but I think it’s always worth remembering that a softer approach can sometimes help.

“Reason being, asking slightly off the wall questions can help candidates reveal what they really think, not necessarily what they think you want to hear. They aren’t designed to be a trick, but more to gently engage with someone.

“I heard a great one the other day.

“If you were a cake, what type of cake would you be, and why?”

“The industry magazine Recruiter recently published a list of the most unusual interview questions that are definitely worth taking a look at.

“Of course it ultimately depends on what you want the interview to help you achieve. But a combination of focussed skills based questions combined with some softer off-the-wall ones might just help you achieve your goal.

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 Oh and my answer to the cake question is…. Lemon Drizzle –  zesty, sunny with a little bite!

apprentice candidates 2013

apprentice candidates 2013

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