Job market strong despite Brexit and summer slump

Posted on: September 19th, 2016


Despite fears about the Brexit vote being disastrous for the UK job market, the latest data from CV-Library suggests that it has stood firm against it – as well as the usual ‘summer slowdown’ – the Recruiting Times website reports.

After analysing and comparing data from August 2016 and August 2015, the job site recently confirmed that there was an increase in jobs, salaries and applications during the 12-month period.

According to the findings, jobs on average were up by more than a fifth (21%) last month compared to August 2015, revealing that employers were as keen as ever to make new hires during the typically quiet summer months.

In terms of location, this job growth was highest in Wales (30.9% growth) and the South West (27.3%), which is great news for local businesses and jobseekers.

Breaking it down according to industry, jobs were up the most in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, which saw respective 43.2% and 36.5% growth rates. This was followed by marketing (31.8%), construction (30.3%) and catering (24.8%).

Candidate applications also increased by 5% during this time, indicating that the talent pool is still thriving and active. In addition to this, salaries rose by an impressive 4.7% in August, with the public sector, agriculture sector, property, education and catering all seeing above-average increases.

Commenting on the report, CV-Library’s founder and managing director Lee Biggins said it was “extremely positive” to see that neither Brexit nor the summer slowdown had had a negative impact on the UK labour market.

“Our data tells us that certain regions, and industries, are thriving and it’s clear that employers within these areas have recognised the need to tap into candidates who might have used time-off during the summer months to think about, and look for, new opportunities,” he added.

Biggins also noted that the salary increase data was “testament to UK businesses’ determination to keep the economy moving post-Brexit, while also recognising the need to attract candidates with competitive salaries.”

Despite uncertain times, the UK job market continues to flourish – so candidates and employers, take note! And get ready for the job hunt surge that’s expected to hit this month…

Image: Europen Umbrellas by Jeremy Segrott available under the (CC BY 2.0) license

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