Job growth in South West up 14% on last year

Posted on: July 13th, 2016

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New data has revealed that despite the social and economic concerns following the UK’s Brexit vote, advertised jobs are in fact still growing, the Recruitment Buzz website reports.

According to recently released figures from job website CV Library, the article notes, the month of Brexit – June 2016 – actually saw advertised jobs shoot up by 14.1% across the UK.

What’s more, every region in the UK saw a job growth of between 6-18% over the course of the month, signalling a thriving jobs market throughout the nation and in many different sectors.

The legal sector was one area that saw significant growth, however, with the witness of a 37.5% increase in jobs. This leading sector was followed by catering and education, with a respective growth of 32.8% and 32%.

In terms of location, Wales in fact had the largest job growth when comparing figures from June 2016 to June 2015, with 18.3%. The North East and West Midlands had the smallest growth rate, with a respective 8% and 6.4%. We were of course pleased to see that the South West of England of England fared particularly well with a 14.8% growth rate – just above the national average.

So despite the period of economic uncertainty surrounding and following the Brexit vote, it would appear that businesses are upholding their recruitment plans.

CV-Library founder Lee Biggins explains that there is also still a “strong appetite amongst job hunters,” with new CV registrations up by 10.8% nationwide and the number of job applications up 5.1% year-on-year.

It is also “still far too early to draw a solid conclusion” about the impact of the Brexit vote on the UK jobs market, he advised. Although some sectors have seen a drop in the numbers of jobs, applications and salaries compared to last year – the charity sector seemed to be the biggest loser, with a -42.5% drop in applications – the data suggests that the UK labour market is continuing to grow.

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