How to avoid Employment Tribunals …

Posted on: May 30th, 2013


Employment Tribunals are an expensive and time consuming business!  It’s well worth investing some time making sure you have the policies and procedures in place to avoid the disruption and costs that inevitably result from this last resort ordeal.  Employers almost always end up paying their own legal costs even if not at fault as well as running the risk of a hefty financial penalty if awarded against them.

Recruitment of the right person into the right role has a crucial part to play in the future success of a business.  Investing in this initial process will improve staff retention rates and help to avoid the double whammy costs of having to replace staff lost through poor recruitment methods or decisions.

Having found the right staff there should be a focus on employee engagement and retention.  In difficult economic conditions you need your whole team to pull their weight so it’s important to make sure that employees are managed well to allow them to flourish.  Staff salaries will normally be one of the biggest overheads for any business so it makes sense to see a return on your investment through good staff management.

Often a quiet word in a private meeting is all that’s needed to get to the bottom of a staff issue and agreed action can resolve the problem.  In a perfect world every business will have only passionate people working together for the success of the business, but we all know that life doesn’t always run smoothly so if you are looking for help dealing with a staff disciplinary procedure I can highly recommend you attend a workshop run by PES Consulting on June 18th.  They will take you through the process of how to conduct a disciplinary meeting and give you a chance to network with other HR professionals and Managers.  Just click the link

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