Gender pay gap reporting – are you up to speed?

Posted on: May 12th, 2016



Just because the gender pay gap reporting legislation doesn’t come into effect until October, doesn’t mean that it’s too early for HR departments to start preparing for their obligations. In fact, some employers will have to gather gender pay gap data from as early as 1 May this year; so with that in mind, Personnel Today offered a handy timeline for HR professionals to stick to.

Now: Ensure that your organisation is collecting the data required to report its gender pay gap figures. This includes data on employees who work in the UK and those whose contracts are governed by UK law. Additional data may be helpful for internal analysis, such as the company’s gender profile, bonus trends and historical gender data.

1 May 2016: Start collecting data for the first reporting period. Because bonus pay data includes payments from the year up until 30 April 2017, you could have to collect bonus payment figures from as far back as 1 May 2016.

1 October 2016: On this date, the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 will come into force. These legislations will require all employers – in both the private and voluntary sectors – with 250 employees or more to publish details about their gender pay gap.

1 May 2017: You will need to start conducting calculations to determine your gender pay gap results.

30 April 2018: The results of your company’s gender pay gap analysis must be published on your website before this date. They should be displayed in a way that’s publicly accessible; they must be accompanied by a signed statement declaring that the information is accurate; and they must remain on the website for a minimum of three years. The analysis results should also be posted onto the Government’s official reporting website.

While it’s not necessary to add commentary to your organisation’s gender pay gap results, a brief statement or narrative could help employees and the public to better understand the results – particularly if there seems to be a substantial gap.

Are you up to speed with gender pay gap reporting and all the information that you’ll need to disclose?

Image: Gender Wheat-paste by Jonathan McIntosh available under the (CC by-SA 2.0) license

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