Flexible Working and the future of the workplace: how can you adapt to hire the best talent?

Posted on: December 9th, 2020

There is no doubt that the current pandemic has changed the future of the traditional workplace. With so many employees now working from home the real issue many talent managers face is adapting to a fast-changing landscape. So just how can you adjust your salary package to fit with the new home-work balance?

It’s no surprise that after all the changes wrought this year many candidates were left feeling adrift, but one positive outcome in the job market is the emerging flexibility that working from home has to offer. According to a recent YouGov survey most workers want to work from home in some capacity once the pandemic is over. Prior to the outbreak, 68% of British employees never worked from home. Among those who did so for the first time this year, a massive 91% now say they would like to carry on at least some of the time once the pandemic ends.

There’s a fly in the ointment for British workers however, and that is a recent survey that shows most UK employers are unhappy with the work from home model. Timewise, an organisation which campaigns for flexible working found that out of 6 million reviewed job vacancies, only 1 in 5 offered the option of home-based working.

Timewise Chief Executive Emma Stewart said: “Women, carers, older workers and those with health concerns are currently at the greatest risk of becoming ‘flexcluded’ from work, as new ways of working fail to be reflected in employers’ recruitment advertising.

“Whether offering remote working, or part-time hours, or staggered start and finish times. We have a real opportunity as we rebuild the economy to finally create a level playing field for the millions for whom flex is now both a necessity and an expectation.

So how can you recruit the very best talent moving forward? The answer is simple.

A flexible work from home option is the first thing to consider with new recruits including adaptable start and finish times.

Another obvious consideration is salary. Salary will always be an important factor in attracting top talent but if the workplace environment changes in the future we envisage less overheads per worker. This leaves employers able to keep wages at the same payscale despite the reductions in cost for workers which include commute costs and housing costs.

Benefits in kind are also something to consider when adapting your hiring model. Friday drinks and free breakfasts in the office will have little sway when there is no office to work out of. Some employers have already started looking at fitness allowances and medical plans as a distinct benefit for work-from-home employees.


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