Charlie’s Dream Team: Waterskiing across the Irish Sea!!

Posted on: April 21st, 2011

Yes it’s true; I have just accepted a new challenge for charity which will mean water-skiing from Wales to Ireland across the Irish Sea! I must definitely suffer from mental deficiency to even contemplate taking on such a ridiculous threat to my general well-being. Since I have mentioned my latest undertaking to friends and family I have generally had the same reaction. Some think I am plain crazy and others have just pointed out that at least thirty species of shark pass through the Irish Sea including the Basking, the Thresher, the Blue, the Mako and the Porbeagle! I hadn’t really contemplated this before I agreed to take part so I think ignorance is bliss and I’ll pray for some dolphins instead.

Anyway we will be setting off from St Davids sometime in late Summer and it’s all in a great cause for the Charlie Froud Foundation charity. If you put this in the search engine you will find out more and if you felt like sponsoring me and the three chaps in the team we’d be very grateful.

Just off to lift a few dumbells!

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