Bristol ranked as 4th most inspiring city in the world!

Posted on: December 5th, 2016


If you’re considering which city to relocate to or find work in, never mind London – Bristol beats the big smoke hands down! You may think we’re being biased, but don’t just take our word for it – Bristol was recently named the fourth most inspiring city in the WORLD, ahead of the capital and ahead of Paris and New York!

If we sound surprised, we’re really not. We know that Bristol is a great place to live and work, and over the past few years this has become one of the country’s worst-kept secrets…we’re just excited that this thriving city is getting the recognition it deserves.

Travel operator TravelBird recently compiled its 2016 Inspiring Cities Ranking, which grades 85 cities throughout the world in terms of eight different criteria, all factoring in creativity and innovation. While London, Paris and New York didn’t even make it into the top ten, Bristol soared ahead to fourth position, being beaten only by San Francisco (home of Silicon Valley), Bruges, and in pole position, Miami.

Bristol may not get Miami’s weather, but what it lacks in beaches and year-round sunshine, it more than makes up for in jobs, lifestyle, community spirit, cultural events and a bustling food scene. It also has a truly unique character stemming from its fascinating history. Although, now that we think of it, there is a beach too if you count Clevedon…maybe it should have won the top spot after all?!

According to the ranking, Bristol’s abundance of museums, art galleries and performing art companies notched up a score of 70 out of 100. So what does this mean in terms of finding work?

Well, as (officially) one of the most inspiring cities in the world, Bristol is home to countless creative and/or independent businesses – from galleries to restaurants, theatre companies, PR and marketing firms, graphic design agencies and tech companies.

What’s more, as the city’s reputation goes from strength to strength, it’s becoming the go-to city for a growing number of national and international businesses who set up office here – meaning there are a range of opportunities for people at varying levels of their career. And with two thriving universities and even more colleges thrown into the mix, there’s a real sense of opportunity and aspiration.

Commenting on the score, mayor Marvin Rees agreed that Bristol “is a great place to live and work,” adding that it’s “a diverse, talented and outward looking city.”

What a great way to round up what’s been an amazing year for Bristol! We can’t wait to see what opportunities emerge in 2017 as the city – and its businesses – continue to flourish and evolve.

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