Are you ready for a career change?

Posted on: January 18th, 2016
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Image: Happy Businesswoman by Steve Wilson available under a CC BY 2.0 license

You may have thought about changing your career, but is it something you’d actually go through with? It is natural to aspire to do different things in life, but making those dreams a reality isn’t always straight-forward.

There may be a number of factors holding you back from taking the plunge and changing careers. Not everyone likes to embrace change (despite what our CVs say!), you may have family commitments, worry about a drop in income, or feel that it’s too late to start making such life-changing decisions. Equally, you might just feel that the whole process will create the kind of stress you can do without.

Whatever is holding you back, now is a great time to take the plunge and seek out work pastures new. According to research conducted by the London School of Business and Finance, nearly half (47%) of the UK’s workforce say they are ready to change careers, however they are worried about losing their financial security or scared that it might all end in failure.

If this strikes a chord, you’ll be pleased to hear that January is a great time to think about a career change. The job market is starting to pick up again after the festive period and it is the perfect time for a fresh start. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, the number one New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to find a new job. Whether you are looking to change roles or want to move into an entirely different sector, there are a number of things to consider before you hand in your notice.

Here are five signs that show you are ready to take move into a new career.

You don’t feel challenged

Do you sit at work and feel that you could do your job blindfolded? Or to put it another way, do you feel bored at work? If you wake up each day and feel like you are functioning on auto-pilot from the moment you arrive at work until the moment you leave, it might be time for a rethink. OK, so it is nice to have some days that don’t require too much brainpower, but when that is happening day-in, day-out there’s a problem. It’s time to find a role in which you can start to shine.

You have become the voice of negativity

There will always be times when we bad-mouth our bosses to colleagues, but if it’s a weekly – or even daily – occurrence then it’s time to make some changes. Focusing on how bad things are within your company will only augment an already bad situation. You will find yourself surrounded by a group of people who are as unhappy as you, but are unwilling to do anything about it. Don’t fall into the same trap.

You don’t feel valued

A key part keeping any happy workforce is ensuring everyone is made to feel valued. If your managers have lost sight of this most basic of leadership rules then you are inevitably going to feel like you are going nowhere. If you don’t feel appreciated by your boss, you won’t feel motivated at work and you will become increasingly resentful. It’s a slippery slope that is best to get off sooner rather than later.

Your job is just not the right fit

Things change: managers change, so do markets, roles and your life situation. You may have felt you had the perfect job some years ago, but that may no longer be the case. And that is not a problem. Make sure your career matches your hopes and dreams in life and carry out a work-life evaluation. If everything points to a change in your career then make sure you take action.

You live for the weekend

Of course, it is absolutely fine to look forward to the weekend – it is quality time spent with friends and family. What’s not fine is to look forward to the weekend because it’s the only time you actually feel alive. If you are constantly looking for ways in which to leave work early, skip days or take as much holiday as possible, then chances are you feel little or no connection to the company and its success. Next time you leave work early, make sure it’s because you’re off to a job interview.

If you are wondering whether the time is right for you to make a career change then you may want some guidance. The team at Lucy Bristow has the expertise to ensure that you are equipped to make this big step. Get in touch today to find out more.



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