A big welcome to the new Lucy Bristow Appointments team members!

Posted on: June 16th, 2015

We’d like to introduce our two latest recruits both called Dani!  Danielle Paris is our Support Services Coordinator and Daniela Di Cera is our Resourcer.  Of all the ‘gin joints’ (substitute ‘recruitment consultancies’) in all the towns in all the world they both walk into ours … and we are delighted!  Daniela has kindly agreed to a stage name of Didi to save confusion and they have written a few words about themselves.

Danielle Paris

Dani Paris


I started just over a month ago – and I already feel part of the furniture!  It’s great to work for an independent business with a great company ethos, working very closely with client, candidate and team. I am delighted to be representing the company as front of house.





Daniela Di Cera

Didi B&W


I recently joined Lucy Bristow to bring a little bit of latin flavour to the team.  🙂   I am really enjoying working with my colleagues and I’ve even got a new name! “DiDi”.  I’m ready to share my skills and to face new challenges.

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