9,000 public sector employees paid more than the Prime Minister!

Posted on: September 20th, 2010

Very interesting reading in today’s Independent, revealing that more than 9,000 employees working in the public sector are paid more than the Prime Minister!

An investigation by BBC1’s Panorama and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism suggested the numbers earning more than David Cameron’s £142,500-a-year are much higher than expected.

The programme will be screened tonight and will no doubt add fuel to the fire over the controversy already raging over comparative pay levels in the public and private sectors. I’m certainly going to be watching this!

Based on the responses to more than 2,400 Freedom of Information requests to public bodies, they show that 38,000 were paid over £100,000 while 1,000 received over £200,000. These include GPs, teachers, police chiefs, council officers and senior civil servants, as well as BBC senior managers too.

The NHS sector had the highest number of staff earning over £100,000 – 26,000 – with almost 6,500 paid more than the Prime Minister! Those with salaries topping the PM’s included 1,465 GPs – 10 of whom received more than £300,000.

Creative Commons hat tip to ukhomeoffice

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