4 signs you need to recruit a recruiter

Posted on: August 2nd, 2016

Your business deserves the best talent out there and that means knowing the employment market inside-out. Your in-house recruitment team is probably doing a great job, but they may be viewing the marketplace with impaired vision. It’s easy for an in-house HR professional to be influenced by internal politics and company culture when searching for top talent.

What an external recruiter offers is a totally unbiased view of the employment landscape. They are in that marketplace all day, every day and can approach your recruitment needs through a fresh pair of eyes.

Have you ever wondered why you should pay recruitment agency fees when you can employ an in-house team? If so, you’re not alone. But there are very clear reasons why this makes great business sense.

Here are four signs it might be time to start working with an external recruiter.

1 You need to keep within a budget

The most common argument in favour of keeping recruitment in-house is avoiding agency fees. However, this may quickly become a false economy if a new hire’s performance doesn’t meet expectations. A drop in productivity and having to repeat the recruitment process a few months later costs money. Using an external recruiter doesn’t guarantee a successful hire, but you can be sure that their search will have been as thorough as possible. And don’t forget: you only pay recruiters when you need them.

2 You need to save time and resources

The success of any recruitment search starts with a comprehensive list of contacts. It takes time and resource to build a network of contacts – two things that are often in short supply within businesses. Using an external recruiter gives you instant access to their network and helps you spread your net much wider. Plus, the recruitment process is always much faster when done through a talent search professional.

3 You need in-depth insight about a particular jobs market

Alongside that extensive list of contacts, recruiters also have a comprehensive understanding of the jobs landscape. Whether it’s the latest industry, market or salary trends, external recruiters have a lot of expertise to bring to your talent search. This knowledge is particularly useful when you’re recruiting within a specific industry. They understand what makes a particular talent pool tick and can help you avoid any unwanted surprises along the way.

4 You need to enhance your company’s credibility by working with a trusted name

A great way to add instant kudos to your company’s brand is to team up with a well-known recruiter. Many jobseekers feel working with a recruitment agency leads to a better experience; recruiters are often seen as more objective and dependable. Candidates are also keen to hear the experiences of other individuals placed within a particular company by a recruiter. Feedback on issues such as company culture, employee satisfaction and continuous professional development opportunities are important to today’s workforce and external recruiters can offer a more balanced view than an in-house HR team.

Before recruiting a recruiter, be sure to do your research. It’s a competitive business and you want to be sure you’re getting the expertise and credibility your business needs. And the more honest and open you are with a recruiter, the better they can conduct your search. Build a relationship based on trust and you’ll find a recruiter who doesn’t just fill a vacancy, but one who creates smart, strategic human resources to take your business in the right direction.




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