10 Festive Tips for looking after your staff over the Christmas Period

Posted on: December 3rd, 2013

We are proud of our staff retention rate and I put this down to being generous and making an effort to understand everyone’s individual situation, particularly in the season of good will. It’s important to show appreciation for your team’s efforts and doesn’t have to cost you lots of money but the real benefit in the investment will reap great rewards in the long term. Here are my ten top tips!

  1.  Celebrate! In these times of austerity the Christmas budget is the first one to be pulled. But I think that’s just an excuse, there’s always a way you can celebrate Christmas. Even if you don’t have a big budget it’s important to do something. Host a party at your house yourself, or in the office where you all bring in food, perhaps have a dress up day to raise money for charity… there are lots of ideas.
  2. Extra time out One client of mine did this last year and gave everyone in the team a morning or afternoon off to do their Christmas shopping. Everyone’s still talking about it now!
  3. Get employees involved Allow the team to choose what they’d like to do for Christmas – give them a budget and they might come up with something you didn’t think of and having them on board makes it easier all round with the organisation of it all.
  4. Extra treat An extra and unexpected treat makes all the difference. Why not offer to contribute towards taxis at the end of the night.
  5. A Christmas Bonus Even if unexpected this can go a long way, it doesn’t have to be big, perhaps vouchers instead of cash, or an awards ceremony with prizes that involves all the team and will still make them feel appreciated.
  6. Flexibility Even if you operate strict working hours over the Christmas period, people still appreciate an hour being knocked off here or there. For example, closing early on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve can make all the difference to your team but not much to the day-to-day running of the business.
  7. Encourage sharing Make it a team effort and initiate a team wide exercise like a ‘Secret Santa’ where you all set a budget and put thought into buying gifts for each other.
  8. Communicate Quite early on I made the effort to share my plans and goals for the New Year at Christmas and it makes such a difference the team. They feel so involved and everyone comes into New Year ready to get off a flying start.
  9. Family focused Some research I saw said that most people would prefer to involve their partners or families in work Christmas celebrations. If you don’t already perhaps opening this up could be a good incentive for your team.
  10. Charity begins at home Perhaps your team would prefer to all do something charitable and donate to a chosen charity. It could be a sleepover in the cold, a fun run in a Santa suit, something everyone will enjoy and can do as a team.

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